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Halloween Hoedown at The Comet

“Twang” is a term that everyone knows but isn’t easy to fully explain. Though exact definitions can vary, it typically involves a type of resonance caused by a stringed instrument being plucked in a particular way. The term has also frequently been applied to the speaking style of rural and southern American communities. The influence of twang on popular music is undeniable, from folk and country to blues and rock n’ roll. On October 27th, The Comet and Burrito Boys Booking will bring together the eclectic twang of several local artists for a spooky weekend kickoff called Burrito Bites: Halloween Hoedown.

All five acts have something different to offer, with their resonant twangy sound being the only common denominator.

My Brother’s Keeper is one of the region's most popular bluegrass bands. Made up of brothers Joshua, Benjamin, and Titus Luckhaupt along with longtime friend Sawmill Murray, MBK has been cultivating a following for over a decade. The group has been nominated for (and has won) several awards in their tenure including multiple Appalachian Arts and Entertainment Awards. The group is signed to Robust Records in North Carolina and recently represented their label at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass festival.

The Electric Indigo is a six-person group that combines blues, southern rock, soul, prog, and psychedelic rock into something intense and wildly entertaining. The group has built a dedicated base of support in Cincinnati and just released their new album, Here to Stay, to a packed room at The Southgate House Revival last month. Their technical skills as individuals and their unbelievable cohesion as a band have made them a memorable and sought-after group in the local rock music scene.

Run Rabbit Run is one of Cincinnati’s best-known and most beloved folk punk groups. Led by strumming banjolele and sardonic vocals of Abby Finch, Run Rabbit Run cuts deep to the heart of the human condition with their honest, thoughtful, often tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Their punk bona fides are unmatched, yet their other influences shine through in ways that make them truly original.

The Lanterns is a rotating group (and sometimes solo act) spearheaded by Cincinnati-based folk musician Alexander Mikel. Armed with clever writing ability and a voice that oozes sincerity, The Lanterns make songs that make audiences feel as vulnerable as they are captivated. The group has also had a prolific output, releasing five albums, three EP’s, and a compilation of demos over the course of just five years. Alex has expressed that this will be his final show as The Lanterns.

Finally, we have the musical stylings of Easy Mark, who will be joined by his recently formed backing band The Hardened Hearts. Mark is a longtime staple of singer-songwriter nights all over Cincinnati, namely at MOTR and Southgate House Revival. Known for dawning elaborate, flashy cowboy outfits, Mark writes about heartbreak and pain in a way that’s genuinely funny and relatable. Sometimes going by The Neon Troubadour (whose “mama was a disco ball” and “daddy was a line of cocaine”) Easy Mark is well on his way to becoming a beloved Cincinnati musician and personality.

In addition to the musical festivities, there will be a Halloween costume contest where awards will be given for both Best Costume and Most Original Costume. The show will begin shortly after Bombs Away! Comedy ends at 8:30pm. Please donate what you can to the bands, tip your bartenders, and respect the space.