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INTERVIEW: Taking Back Sunday

Sad Summer Festival is an electrifying touring festival celebrating the revival of emo music and bringing it to fans across the US. This year will mark the festival’s fourth year in motion. This year, they have partnered with esteemed non-profits The Ally Coalition, HeadCount, and REVERB with the goal of serving local communities and effecting impactful change.

 Sad Summer Fest is headed to The Andrew J Brady Music Center on Wednesday, July 19th featuring Taking Back Sunday, The Maine, Motion City Soundtrack, PVRIS, Hot Mulligan, Mom Jeans, Stand Atlantic & Sincere Engineer!

We chatted with Shaun Cooper of Taking Back Sunday prior to the fest!

The energy at a TBS show is contagious. How did you keep up the stamina night after night?
Shaun: We are having the time of our lives up there. We really love what we do. We honestly can’t contain ourselves! 

For those seeing TBS for the first time, what should they expect?
Shaun: It’s a party. For the hour and change we are up on that stage we hope you can forget about the stresses of everyday life. Adam our singer always talks about getting lost in the music. That’s exactly what we do. It’s an incredibly cathartic experience.  

After the Sad Summer Fest, what is next for Taking Back Sunday?
Shaun: We’ve spent a lot of time at home these last 6 months. I think we need to play a lot more shows.


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