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New National Barks Tune Out Now!

The bad boy spooky alt/surf rock duo National Barks is back at it with a brand new track to share with the masses. Out now, “Settling for Love at the End of the World” is a ripper. Coming in just over 2 minutes, it’s a loud, funky, thrilling extension of what the band does so well. Dance-y vibes, lush keys, jangly guitar - here’s hoping this is a look at where the band is heading in the future.

About the track, vocalist/guitarist Adam Brandt says “ [This song] was written during the pandemic. On the surface, it feels like a standard love song about a complicated relationship between two people. But it was actually written as I worked through so many conflicting thoughts about being an American during an unprecedented time of turmoil throughout 2020-2021.”


“Settling for Love at the End of the World” was recorded with local studio Sabbath Recording, mixed by Matt Latchaw and Jacob Merritt, and mastered by Danny Kalb.

Check out the lyric video below, and be sure to head over to Bandcamp to procure this lovely little ditty for your own collection.