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Brainiac Are Back - Arrival In Cincinnati Imminent

This Saturday, February 25, legendary Dayton electro-punk outfit Brainiac are poised to take over OTR with their unique brand of gnarled, hissing, enigmatic musical stylings for the first time in decades.

Once defunct after the untimely death of founding member and lead singer Timmy Taylor, the band have roared back to life with the January release of the Predator Nominate EP - a collection of sketches and ideas turned into demos of unreleased tracks from the 90’s - as well as a UK tour in support of Scottish post-rock pioneers Mogwai throughout the month of February

Everything culminates with 2 special local shows - one in Dayton, already sold out, and the other right here in the Queen City at The Woodward Theater. Joining them will be Cincinnati’s own The Serfs. Be warned, though, there are only a handful of tickets still available, and right now, no other dates are known for when they might play live again.

Want to see video from the last time they played in Cincinnati - all the way back in 1997? Check this out.

RSVP and snag a ticket ASAP, then join the rest of the freaks and weirdos (on stage and off) for what’s absolutely going to be an unforgettable night. You do not want to miss this one.