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Parade Emergency Hotline Releases New Single

Welcome to the world, Parade Emergency Hotline!

The new side project from Adam Brandt of Cincy legends National Barks, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Ron Pritchard (RevRon P. Productions), this new collaboration is a new way for each member to flex some muscles and expand some horizons. They just released their first single, and accompanying music video for “Escape Pod Blues,” which you can check out below.

Adam describes the song as “being in the process of nostalgia only to realize that the thing that used to bring you joy, was not all that it was remembered to be.” Contrary to the visuals - delirium-inducing green screen and lots and lots of booze - it’s a jaunty, slightly sad jam that builds all the way to the end.

About the track, it seems RevRon and Adam were very much on the same page from the start. “You know how sometimes nostalgia can lead a person to idealize an era or time in their life that perhaps wasn't nearly as great as they remember? That concept was the inspiration when I started recording the music for this song. I told Adam about my idea, and soon after he had some lyrics written, and we were meeting up in my studio to record his vocals.”

Thus, Parade Emergency Hotline was born. I’m excited to see what else you come up with.