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New Lo Fi City Comp Caps A Crazy Good Year

A couple weeks ago, one of the harder working and more prolific local record labels dropped a stellar new compilation. Featuring artists from the Lo Fi City roster new and old, plus a good amount of friends and fellow musicians, it’s a sprawling, energetic look at the state of the lofi rock and roll movement, as well as the place Lo Fi City holds in the echelon itself.

You can purchase or download the comp via Bandcamp right here - it’s pay what you want, so be sure to toss a few coins to these rock witchers for their efforts.

Comp #9 caps off a crazy busy year for the label - I mean, they’ve gone ahead and released another album AFTER this one. Both albums arrive courtesy Jake Borgemenke (the first of which I reviewed here), and include his latest release, Assorted Gems.

Worth checking out: new Mutt Fuzz (their first in a while), the debut EP from Grave Clothes (check out my review here) and another great comp, Peace Beast. It’s been a busy year so I think you better just make your way over to Bandcamp and see what’s up. You’ll be happy you did.


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Grave Clothes to Release Debut EP at MOTR Tonight!

Old City founder and longtime Cincinnati music staple Sammy McKee - here, better known as Grave Clothes - is set to take the stage tonight at MOTR along with SKRT and Siren Suit in celebration of his debut EP, out today, as well, via Lo Fi City.

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Album Review: Jake Borgemenke - Close to Obscurity

So well done, and so interesting from the start, that it’s easy to keep listening… and listening. Enter Lo Fi City’s upcoming release of Jake Borgemenke’s Close to Obscurity.