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ALBUM REVIEW: Krameria - Freekbass & The Bump Assembly

Freekbass, an innovative and funk master bass player hailing from Cincinnati, recently recorded an album called Krameria, that is high energy and enjoyable to listen to. Song by song and note for note, the album not only keeps the listeners attention with strong bass leads and vocals, but makes you want to get up and dance the night away.

“The playing, grooves, and songwriting happened very naturally,” said Freekbass. “Nothing felt forced. Plus all of the initial tracks were all cut live.”

Listening to the album several times in my car, I really liked how each bass note was played to perfection. Krameria showcases Freekbass’s talents and love for the funk genre. Throughout the record, each song has its own distinct sound, with some songs containing lyrics and others straight instrumental. The record is suitable for all ages, as my daughter, who loves all music, danced around the living room floor, when the first note was played.

Teaming up with musical group The Bump Assembly on this album, Freekbass does an incredible job in maintaining the musical styles of such artists as Parliament Funkadelic, Duran Duran, and Graham Central Station.

As the album was recorded just months before quarantine at Color Red Studios in Denver, Colorado, Krameria gives a sense of what was going on in a world that was rocked by the pandemic. I would have to say my favorite song off of Krameria is called Drive, specifically because it is instrumental and has a groovy ending. It is a perfect song to sum up what Freekbass is all about.

“Get Out of Your Own Head is my favorite song off of the album,” said Freekbass. “It’s very easy to internalize feelings and emotions, especially in this crazy music business. The song is about opening up your mind and going with the flow of the moment.”

Freekbass will be performing with The Bump Assembly on Friday November 25th at the Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati for their annual Funksgiving show.

“It’s a hometown show, so super excited and we will have a lot of surprises that night,” said Freekbass.