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Album Review: Mightmare - Cruel Liars

Photo Cred: Danny Council

Mightmare, a solo project created by singer/songwriter River Shook (aka Sarah) of Sarah Shook and the Disarmers recently released Cruel Liars, an album which creates a unique indie/pop rock experience.

“It’s huge departure from anything I've released in the past, said Shook. “I recorded it in my living room in isolation during the pandemic and spent about 10 months making the album.”

Mightmare consists of a full band with members including Shook as the electric guitarist and lead singer, Blake Tallent on guitar/background vocals and synth, Ash Lopez on bass and Ethan B. Standard on drums.

Cruel Liars is Mightmare’s debut album, as Shook performed all of the instruments on it, besides a few bass tracks.

“The band doesn't play on the album. I played all the instruments and programmed all the beats, except for a few songs with additional bass tracks,” said Shook. “I wrote, composed, produced, and engineered Cruel Liars on my own.”

When asked what this album is about, Shook has a very specific message to give listeners.

“Don't accept what society tells you matters," said Shook. “Don’t settle for relationships with toxic people, fight for yourself and ask the hard questions, even when it's scary.

“My favorite song off of the album is "Cruel Liars," it's about materialism, over-consumption, and struggling to relate to a society that's largely apathetic towards the current climate crisis and the human condition,” said Shook.

Mightmare is currently on tour promoting the album in such cities as Cincinnati (Newport), Chicago, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Columbus.