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REVIEW: The Great Beyond by Night Owl

For a little over a year now I’ve been seeing and hearing this guy who goes by Night Owl. Through Instagram I was able to see that we have similar tastes in music, and a few weeks ago he reached out and asked about reviewing his upcoming single “The Great Beyond.” Happy to do so I jumped at the opportunity, and a bunch of listens later here we are.

Now, the folks that comprised putting this song together are Rob Mohan (rhythm guitar and vocals), William Alletzhauser (lead guitar and bass), Todd Drake (drums), and Sara Leah Miller (backing vocals). The songs I had heard Night Owl, who is a singular person not this band, play were mainly solo songs without any vocals. Some fingerpicking songs that I really enjoyed. So, hearing a full band and vocals was a pleasant surprise. After that this song in its three minutes and thirty-one seconds has been quite the delight on the ears. The acoustic chords come in, and the slide guitar leads us into the song.

A person’s interpretation of a song’s lyrics is, and can be, unique to them. Being that I’m not the one who wrote the song either I come from feel. Lyrically I dig this song. It seemingly comes from a place of some darkness, and I appreciate that. The title “The Great Beyond,” kind of gives that away, but not wanting to “be a stone in the ground” or the craziness that came when the narrator was young, and “the blood as it ran down your face.” This is a song that looks at what something like the proverbial great beyond maybe is. None of us really know, but it’s a fun exercise to wonder about.

It is a song that is part of an album that will be released soon. This is a nice appetizer before the main course. Always leave them wanting more is a sentiment that is ringing in my head post listening to the song. They have certainly achieved that. I also don’t want to give too much away because I truly feel like you all should go out and listen to this song, and patiently wait for the album. This is Night Owl’s debut single as well along with said album debuting soon. The single was released on bandcamp and I’m excited for the upcoming album.


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