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REVIEW: “Big Booty Judy” by The M.F.B.

I received a message from this band filled with a bunch of nice words, and then they added their music video. The band is The M.F.B. and to quote their YouTube page “there’s a reason why we’re called THE M.F.B. After one night with us you’ll realize why.” Well, I haven’t spent the night with them, yet, but I did spend the weekend with their latest music video called “Big Booty Judy.” And here’s my thoughts.

At first, I was worried with about the title, like why couldn’t she just be called Judy? I listened to the song a few more times and this song is just, fun. Judy’s empowered by her backside. It’s kind of like her superpower. She used it to start a revolution. Judy is every bit an independently fierce woman. One not to mess with, but also has a sweet side. But when she feels that funk she just must drop into the groove and show everyone else what is up.

The video was every bit as much fun. With it opening with three kids being dropped off here. We’re not sure why but they know this person. A couple of creepy dolls, no cell service, and some movies. One of the kids finds a box under the bed, and then once this video is put into the VCR, yeah one of those, we along with the three kids are transported to a different time. Judy’s world. Then through the song and video we are introduced to all things Judy. Most importantly brought into the funk that is THE MFB.

This song is fun. Or I should say, this song is fun-k. Because that’s what you do. This is my first introduction to these folks from Huntington, West Virginia. If you have a few minutes and feel like grooving give them a listen. We all need to escape, and this is a song to just have fun with. Also, Harry and the Henderson’s is a great movie. I also appreciated the creepy dolls. THE MFB will have a record coming out soon, but in the meantime check them out and give them a like and follow. Special shout out to Angel Davila who played "Judy," and Michael Valentine for directing the video.