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REVIEW: The Queers

Photo Cred: Andrew Risch

It’s hard to believe that long running pop punk veterans The Queers are currently finishing their 40th anniversary tour. Luckily one of their last stops was at one of the best venues the Cincinnati area has to offer, the legendary Southgate House Revival.

This current leg of the tour featured support from The Jasons and The Dwarves. The Raging Nathans, a local favorite out of Dayton, did a great job of amping the crowd with their classic punk sound. The Jasons commanded the stage with “killer” presence. Each member performed wearing a hockey mask depicting different movies from the classic Friday the 13th slasher series. Their punk rock Ramones meets The Queers with plenty of attitude to spare sound quickly won the crowd over.

The Dwarves played a commanding set with a 25th anniversary performance of their legendary album, The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking. Mosh pits were in full force with bodies falling and jamming to the legendary punk band.

Fortunately everyone saved plenty of energy to riot once The Queers finally took the stage. The performed a blitzkrieg of some of their biggest hits from their 40+ year career including, “Granola Head,” "Ursula Finally Has Tits,” and “I can’t stop farting.” Legendary frontman and founding member, Joe Queer, sounded fantastic despite having voice problems stemming from a soar throat. In true DIY punk fashion, Joe didn’t let this slow him down and the show went on. Using pure punk ingenuity he came prepared with a few signs that included lyrics to some of their songs that encouraged crowd participation.

The highlight for the evening happened when, The Jasons joined The Queers for an amazing cover of the Ramones, “KKK Took My Baby Away.” Joe Queer does an amazing job of captivating audiences young and old. The Queers much like the Ramones are timeless and worthy of your attention. Each show is always equal to or better than their last. If you haven’t seen The Queers yet, don’t miss them the next time they are in town.

The Queers / The Raging Nathans / The Jasons / The Dwarves at The Southgate House Revival

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The Queers recently performed a fantastic show at the legendary Southgate House Revival as part of their 40th anniversary tour.