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REVIEW: Metalachi at The Southgate House Revival

Photo Cred: Andrew Risch

Peanut butter and chocolate, gin and juice, coffee and donuts. These are a few combinations that are tried and true, loved and enjoyed. Over the years, for better or for worse people have added things to heavy metal in hopes of discovering another winning combination. Rap, techno and country have been down. How about something new? How about something that has no place whatsoever in the sacred grounds of heavy metal?

How about mariachi music?

I knew of Metalachi before attending the concert but I had not heard any of their music before checking them out at The Southgate House Revival. It was both exciting and refreshing to walk into a show totally blind. Metalachi is just as entertaining and exciting to check out live as I had hoped. Who in their right mind would ever have imagined that the combination of traditional mariachi music and classic heavy metal would blend together so seamlessly?


The band opened hot and heavy with Welcome to the Jungle. The perfect jam for a show located just outside downtown Cincinnati. They quickly followed this up with entertaining mariachi covers of classic heavy metal anthems, Ace of Spades and Holy Diver. The band gets extra points in my book for their hypnotizing sacronized crotch thrusting. I couldn’t help but laugh and smile at their covers of these classic songs. It was like someone gave my old favorite songs a mariachi twist I never knew I desperately needed.


In between the songs, the band had some excellent jokes and banter with the crowd, encouraging the audience to grab some drinks or come and dance in the front of the stage. The band was clearly having a great time making jokes at the audience’s expense. Music and a show? What else could you ask for on a Sunday night?

Metalachi isn’t just your run of the mill cover band. Sure the combination of mariachi and heavy metal sounds silly… nevermind. It IS silly. But it is FUN. The band puts on an exciting live show full of your favorite hard rock and heavy metal tunes with a twist you never knew you needed.

Metalachi at The Southgate House Revival

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