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Corduroy Brown Drops Medicine

Corduroy Brown is back with another single, “Medicine” from the upcoming EP Starter Pack. I was fortunate enough to get an early listen and I am fortunate to write a few words about a singer -songwriter that is low key doing some pretty great things.

Listen to "Medicine" NOW!

“Medicine” is my new summer jam for 2022. If you are going to the grocery store, you should play this. If you are going to get coffee, you should play this. If you are simply cruising around town, maybe stop to get some ice cream, and rock this from that car stereo. I could finish the review here, but there is more to say.

A year ago, Corduroy passed away and then came back. With that new lease on life, he’s been hard at work with his music. I’m going to take some artistic liberty here and say that working on his music is like taking medicine, but the “medicine” can be anything that simply makes you feel good, or that which helps with any ailments. Driving around while listening to this song for instance, with no particular place to go could be a form of medicine. Musically, there is sort of this reggae feel mashed with rock guitars, and it all blends into what Corduroy Brown do. I honestly don’t want to get to far into it that side of things, because I think you should listen to it and let it do for you whatever it will.

I’m excited to hear the EP Starter Pack, and if the appetizer is “Medicine,” well then, I am cool with that. Corduroy Brown are playing in and around the region for the foreseeable future. You can follow him on the socials for any tour updates, along with any music updates. This song “Medicine” brought those summer vibes out of me almost instantaneously. I mean within the first ten seconds I could already picture myself arm out of the car window, going nowhere in particular, and listening to this. Give it a listen and enjoy your summer.