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Celebrate the Day with a New National Barks Song & Video

Dear readers, it is 4/20.

And we’re premiering an all-new track - and video - from Cincinnati indie rockers National Barks. Are the two related? Honestly, no. Maybe. I really can’t say.

“Under the Cell Tower,” however, is a total jam. While the content might be heavy, the song sounds like a heralding of summer in Cincy (even if we just had some snow falling). Sharp, but spacey guitars, lyrically somber but dancey - it’s a good track to play as you… celebrate the day.

Guitarist/vocalist Adam Brandt describes the track as a “song that captures the sinking feeling of recognizing the dismantling of a relationship. That revelation can cause a downward spiral of hopelessness, like vultures overhead.” The idea for the song title, and the video to follow, came from a nest of vultures perched in a cell tower located near the band's practice space.

About the video, Brandt tells us, “The music video was shot with our friend Ron Pritchard. Ron creates music videos using a green screen and creates fun visuals similar to something you might see in Mystery Science Theater 3000. For the “Under the Cell Tower” video, we used the local cell tower with vultures circling as the background - and added some goofy interactions with vultures while performing the song.”

The song was recorded with local studio Sabbath Recording, mixed by Matt Latchaw and Jacob Merritt, and mastered by Danny Kalb.

Check out and purchase the new track here and take a look at the brand new video for “Under the Cell Tower!”

And, if you’re feeling like a late week good time, you can check out National Barks live on Thursday 4/21 at the Comet with Willie & the Cigs and Razor Braids (NY). Get all the details here.