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VIDEO REVIEW: Massing - "Daisies"

A couple of weeks ago the fellas from the band Massing reached out to me about a music video they had in the works for their song “Daisies.” I happily obliged, patiently waited, and over the last week or so have been checking it out. Music video reviews are new to me so let’s treat it like anything else.

The song is from their 2021 EP Nothing’ to Fear. I like to think of this song as a love letter. It just asks the questions “if you were to die what would you / I do?” All the while using death as a metaphor for the “stupid things I say” inside of a relationship. We’ve all done and said not so smart things and took the aftermath of that probably much harder than needed to be. This song simply examines that in a way I personally enjoyed.

The video for the song, like any video, does a good job of explaining the meaning behind the song through the images. We get to see our leads as ghosts soaking up the sun in a graveyard, surfing through one, and skateboarding. Then they all gather and a play a show. All the while that metaphor looms. Sort of dangles like a carrot. I’m not much for videos, however these guys put together something I truly enjoyed.

If you haven’t checked out their EP Nothin’ to Fear this is a great introduction to them. This song itself though I enjoyed a multitude of things the solos on it, and the lyrics. This video was a nice refresher. A few times I smirked and was like “yeah, well done guys.” They, the band, directed the video which was something I thought was cool. We don’t really see that all that often so to see it the non-conformist in me rejoiced a little.

I think I said this in my review of their EP, and if I didn’t, I will reiterate here. There is something happening musically with our brothers and sisters to the east of us in West Virginia that has me excited. It’s been brewing for a while, and it’s nice to see and hear. Massing is simply adding to that. With their own brand of rock and pop sensibility. You can find the video for “Daisies” on youtube, maybe hit that subscribe button for them as well. You can also find their music on the streamers. These guys are simply fun and write some pretty good songs. And, created something pretty cool with this video. Massing is the band and “Daisies” is the song.


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EP REVIEW: Nothin’ to Fear - Massing

Delving into the lyrics I was finding depth to the lyricism. The songs go through waves of relationships and living life. Getting older, and being sometimes sarcastic, and honest.