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Human Is Hell - Between The Buried And Me Arrive in Cincinnati

Photo Cred: Juan Pardo

Few bands have both navigated and weathered a global pandemic better than Between The Buried And Me. In what has been a difficult, frustrating, and demoralizing two years for artists, musicians, bands, and the touring industry, BTBAM is among the few to realize the potential in what has been a very different reality for everyone.

Not to say they have escaped unscathed. Tours were postponed or canceled entirely. An album release cycle was pushed back, disrupted, then staggered in it’s release. Still, they figured out how to stream live shows early on - their live performance of Colors in Blake’s parents’ basement is probably one of the most interesting and humble things I’ve seen a band of their caliber do. It was truly wild to see.

This coming Sunday, March 6, BTBAM bring their Human Is Hell Tour to Cincinnati, taking over the stage at Bogart's for a night of what I can only imagine will be pure, unadulterated spectacle. For those who have seen this band live before, it’s a welcome return, and an even more welcome celebration of the release of their latest magnum opus, Colors II. While it’s the spiritual sequel to their lauded and critically acclaimed masterpiece, Colors, it not only looks back and pays homage to its predecessor, but charts an even more incredible path for a band that already does whatever the hell they want.

Soaked in prog-rock, doused in metal, equally thrashy and calculated, BTBAM is a dynamic and powerful live band. With the focus on new material - Human Is Hell is the last track on Colors II - and how it connects to the album they broke onto the scene with, it’s spectacle with a purpose. It’s honestly hard to explain just how f&(%ing bananas this band is, and how good their live shows are at capturing said batshit craziness.

If you’re going, make sure you get there early, bring your vax card or negative test with you, and catch Car Bomb as the opener. It’s going to be a hell of a night.