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SINGLE REVIEW: “If I Told You “ - Jen Tackett

Photo Cred: Lisa Sullivan Photography

I was a relaxing on an evening a few weeks back when my phone lit up with a notification. I checked it out and it was from a lady wanting me to review her upcoming single. The lady is Jen Tackett and her single is “If I Told You.” Singles are fun because it’s listening to one song over and over. For some that might sound monotonous, however for me it was a nice break from reviewing a full-length album. Let’s dive into this song.

Jen is from Georgetown, Kentucky. She grew up on a farm which helped in forming a love for both music and agriculture. Through this love and passion for music comes this song “If I Told You.” While Jen lent her vocals, she enlisted the help of J. Tom Hnatow (producer, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, and bass) and Robby Cosenza (drums, percussion, and harmonica.) The track was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. The song is not mysterious though. A couple of chords, and a sweet-sounding harmonica pave the way for the groove for Jen to weave her vocal around.

For the song, meaning can be different for any listener. Listening over and over for me the song is something akin to what we leave out in conversation when we begin a new relationship with somebody, and if one does say everything what would the repercussions of that be? Each line of the song is essentially asking that question; If I told you such and such, how would you feel? Then on top of that what we say instead of what we don’t say. The opening line of the song is “I told you I only smoke when I drink / Because I didn’t want to know what you think / If I told you I needed one each night before bed.” Honest in her questions and circling around the “what if.” Sometimes the answer isn’t so clear when you’re in thick of any sort of relationship, at least from where I’ve sat.

The song is good. I’ve listened about let’s just say fourteen times because that seems like a nice solid number and was the first one that came to my head. What I think I like most about it is that she simply sings the song. Leaves the song for what it is. Simple in its form, has a mildly rockin middle, and closes out gently. I like that. Although that harmonica solo somewhere in the middle is pretty great, just sayin. I’m excited to see where this songs lands, hopefully on an album. In the meantime she has a few other singles out there on your streamers and send her some love on the socials as well. Jen Tackett give her a listen.