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Who I Am for Now: Corduroy Brown

From the mind of Corduroy Brown we are given a track with a music video. The track is “Who I Am for Now,” and from the album “Let Me Know.” Which, we here at CincyMusic reviewed over the summer. Corduroy reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d checked the video out, and of course I said yes. Through all of Corduroy’s music there’s an underlying theme giving attention to mental health. This song and video sort of encapsulate that.

The video was directed by Kadin Tooley, and from here I will use Corduroy’s words on what it is all about: “The video tells the tale of two Corduroy Browns. One is the current, in the moment, satisfied version, but he’s being followed by his imposter. The imposter follows (him) around to overwatch his happy moments in life. Constantly being frustrated that the “real” Corduroy is moving forward in his life. The imposter comes to terms with understanding that we are supposed to be a different person every day. We’re not supposed to be stuck on this particular version of ourselves. We can’t be afraid of growth. After seeing the “real” Corduroy happy, he stops his pursuit, and accepts that he has to let go of everything he was holding onto.”

After reading that when he sent that to me I kinda nodded along to those words in agreement. I’ve absolutely felt like that in my life, not daily, but as a 41-year-old who has played music since he was 16 and been writing or trying to write since he was given his first journal with a dinosaur on the cover at 8 years old, I can totally agree that there is a version of an imposter following me around. For different folks maybe it has different names, but after reading what he sent me then watching the video and hearing the song again, I was again enamored.

Whether it is his words or the music, I’m not sure, however they are like a fishing line lure you in hook, line, and sinker. The video depicts the story of the song well and gets the message across. They most certainly looked like they were having fun with the shooting of the video. The past couple of years have been hard on folks. Some more so than others. Hell, Corduroy died then came back. All of this to say that the imposter might always be there. Lurking in the shadows, but it’s okay to live your life and make yourself happy with whatever that means to you. Life is life, not all sunshine and rainbows, but we can still be positive. Sometimes, we must keep that imposter at bay as well. That’s the message I took from the song, from the album, and this Kadin Tooley directed video. Be kind to yourself and each other, and give Corduroy Brown’s “Let Me Know” a spin.


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ALBUM REVIEW: Let Me Know by Corduroy Brown

Track after track with this record had me locked in. Throughout the whole album the electric guitars were blazing, the drums crashing, and the bass laying it down nice and smooth.