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SHOW REVIEW: The Queers at The Southgate House Revival

Photo cred: Michael Oswald Photographymwo

The Queers made their long awaited return to The Southgate House Revival on Wednesday night. Even though it was a midweek show in the dead of winter, the punk rock legends still managed to pack the house with plenty of rowdy fans both new and old.

Support for this show came from some of the best punk rock and loud and proud rock n’ roll bands that the Greater Cincinnati area has to offer. With 4 opening bands, each group had to keep their sets unfortunately short, making me wish the show had started earlier so I could hear the longer sets from our local heroes. The Nothing, The Raging Nathans, Tiger Sex and Suzi Moon each had incredible shows and were worth the price of admission alone. (Tiger Sex will be playing at the Southgate House Revival again on December 23rd. Don’t miss it!)

Once it was finally time for the main act, frontman Joe Queer hit the stage proclaming, “Kentucky! We Love You!” before launching into an assault of pop-punk madness. The crowd was bombarded with beach balls that reselmbled female breasts and were playfully bounced here and there for the remainder of the the show, which lead Joe Queer to remark, “Wow those $2 ballons usually don’t last that long.”

The Queers setlist was much different than it had been in the past, mostly due in part to their most recent release, Save the World, that was released earlier last year. Plenty of new soon to be classic punk rock anthems were performed much to the excitement of the audience. They even managed to play a song that they haven't played on this tour yet, “Houston We Have a Problem.” It’s always cool to be at a show when a band tries something outside the norm!

The second half of their set included many of their colder and fan favorite songs.This was the point when the crowd really began to get into the set with plenty of crowd participation and cheering. TheQueers played plenty of thier classic bubblegum punk Ramones inspired classics as well such as, “I Can’t Stand You,” “I Don’t Wanna Be a Granola Head,” “Ursula Finally Has Tits” and as usual for a Queers show they ended their performance with the classic “This Place Sucks!” Could you ask Santa for anything else?

Seeing The Queers at The Southgate House Revial is almost a Cincinnati right of passage at this point and it is fantastic to see that punk rock is stil alive with both older and newer generations,