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Multimagic at Woodward Tonight

Multimagic to celebrate Manic Daze tonight at Woodward Theatre with Bershy and JV Golf!

“Like most every band who made the decision to release music last year but not tour, our biggest concern was the safety of friends, family and fans,” said Multimagic singer Coran Stetter. “Now that Manic Daze has been out for nearly a year and we’ve all been vaccinated for Covid-19, we’re excited to celebrate.”

While Manic Daze has received rave reviews, the excitement for the live show still comes with caution. Multimagic is working with The Woodward Theater to follow all CDC recommended guidelines for live events as well following the example of many other venues, bands and tours trying to mitigate an uncertain future for live events. The recent consensus is to require proof of vaccination prior to entry.

 “Woodward has been doing great to keep people safe,” said Stetter. “The reality is, we either do this show by requiring vaccination cards or negative Covid tests or we don’t do it at all. Our hope is to make this as safe as possible for all involved.”