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At the beginning of every show, you can expect a triumphant “Hi, I’m Bershy and I make queer love songs.” Bershy is the monicker of songwriter Brea Shay, encompassing the alt-pop collective of her and her friends. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Shay had been writing and playing acoustic music for 5 years before deciding to change gears and embark on the dream pop endeavor that soon became Bershy.Born out of a love for cheesy 80’s music and a need for queer community, the goal of Bershy is

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Multimagic at Woodward Tonight

Multimagic to celebrate Manic Daze tonight at Woodward Theatre with Bershy and JV Golf!

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Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE

On Saturday, May 16th an exciting event, Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE will be taking place on the CincyMusic Facebook page from 10a - 9p. This event is designed to bring communities and families together and also to inform viewers about mutual aid in their neighborhoods. Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE is brought to you by CincyMusic, Ladywood, Grrl + Weapon, and No Standing Only Dancing.

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