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REVIEW: Municipal Waste at Riverfront Live

Photo Cred: Andrew Risch

As we begin the Holiday Season, it’s important to stop and give thanks for the various things we are thankful for this year, namely the return of live music. Riverfront Live was the center for one of the most exciting and intense shows this year. What made this show a can’t miss was that it had a little something for all Tri-State area Metal fans from the slow and groovy Sludge Metal of Crowbar, the crossover Thrash of Dead Heat to the punch a hole in your skull Death Metal of Skeletal Remains. And those were just the opening acts!

Municipal Waste started out with a frantic frenzy causing many fists to pump and heads to bang. Apparently, this wasn’t enough for front man Tony Foresta who remarked that other cities started their previous tour dates with circle pits. That was enough to cultivate the citizens of Cin-ca-nasty into a sea of madness for the remainder of the evening. Songs like “You’re Cut Off,” “Terror Shark,” and “Wolves of Chernobyl,” kept the party raging and the bouncers busy relocating crowd surfing maniacs.


Circle pits took over the entire floor out points as fans anxiously sang along to some of their favorite songs. Foresta was quick to take back his previous comments and mentioned that the citizens brought their “A” game in “The Art of Partying.” If you haven't had the pleasure of catching Municipal Waste live yet, their shows can be best described as a full steam assault. From the moment they take the stage until they play the last note, Municipal Waste is pure fun and aggression. Not many bands can play as intense, hard and fun as Municipal Waste. I don’t want to even think about the bruises and aches I’m going to feel tomorrow.

Municipal Waste

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