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Adam Flaig Invites You To Show & Tell

Photo Cred: Nikita Gross

Calling all Cincinnati (and surrounding areas) creators! Adam Flaig wants YOU.

Starting this Wednesday, October 27, you are cordially invited to join Adam Flaig for an evening of creativity, inspiration, and conversation as he kicks off an all-new series of events at Southgate House Revival. Meant to highlight the many ways we create - singing, songwriting, sculpture, painting, poetry, and more - things kick off at 8pm in the Lounge.

If you’re a regular reader here at CincyMusic, or have been in Cincinnati for a while, you’ll know Adam from his collaborative explorations with The Jellyfish. Or, more likely, from his time with Cincinnati Rock trio Mad Anthony (long live). Needless to say, finding and sharing creative space with friends - both long time and brand new - is what Adam is all about.

Think of this as a way to not have to accidentally, or randomly, bump into fellow creators, but something more like a meet & greet, where local creators can come together, make new friends, and maybe even find new sources of inspiration. These Show & Tell sessions are meant to evoke salons of old, where ideas big and small found their way from brain to ear. Big, small, weird, esoteric - if you’re a Maker, Adam wants to know what you’re up to - and he wants you to tell everyone all about it. And did we mention it’s free? Because it’s free (just don’t forget to tip your bartender).

For more info, check out the Southgate House Revival website. Have fun, y’all.


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Halfway There - Adam Flaig at Southgate House Revival

This month you can catch Adam as the Artist in Residence at Southgate House Revival. Every Wednesday night, tSGHR gives hand-picked musicians the run of the Lounge stage. This month, Adam’s taking full advantage of the opportunity. Read more about what makes his time as August’s Artist in Residence so special below. The interview was edited for clarity.