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Album Review: Nocturne Bouquet: Ray Amor

For the past few days, I have immersed myself in the musical universe of Ray Amor. Over and over listening asking myself all the familiar questions what’s the vibe, what’s does he have to say, and how does this make me feel. Ray Amor is from the Cincinnati area and with his debut record Nocturne Bouquet he’s simply saying “hello.”

The record is a blend of rhythm and blues and soul. Throughout the seven tracks Ray takes things slow. Speaks from his heart as a sort of love letter. As I closed my eyes, I could picture myself during the night taking a walk on a promenade with a special someone. The sun had long set. The calming of the ocean’s waves to our right. A night full of passion and vigor. For each other, for the moments shared, for moments unseen. This record has all the vibes of creatures of the night. Not in a creepy way, but some of us are nocturnal animals. The seven tracks really feel like what the title evokes.

I can hear the passion of young love. I can hear love and losing that love. There’s a lot of love in this record. Whether it is the person Ray is singing to or if it was putting this album together. This record is cultivated and steeped in love. Lyrically the character in all the songs that is Ray is a lover. A man of passion. The songs simply tell the story of Ray Amor (Ray Love).

Seven tracks for me that made me expand my musical per view. R&B slash neo soul or whatever genre one would label this as is not a style I listen to maybe as often as I should. Finding the right words to describe the music I hear has made me think a little more. I like that. I accept the challenge Ray Amor laid out in front of me. For seven tracks, I’ll be honest here, I heard baby making music. Making love to your significant other music. Which having known Ray since he was a kid was something, I had to move past. His lyrics made that, moving past, possible. This was no longer the kid I remember, rather, this is a man navigating his way in the world. Through this style of music. Through the experiences he has had. For these seven tracks he does that, and well.

What Ray does from here I have no way of knowing. I know what I heard. And, what I heard was he has something. That something is lyrics that are love letters. Beats that take you on a nighttime cruise with no destination. Soft and slow. Like any debut album there is room to grow. I simply heard seven tracks that made me think he has something. He is onto something. Through his genre bending style he is going to try to carve out his niche with his music. Nocturne Bouquet is the name of the record. Ray Amor is the artist. You can give him a listen on platforms come Friday June 25th.