• Preview

Necrosadist Returns to the Stage

There is a dark light at the end of the tunnel folks and it is filled with the sweet savory sounds of Brutal Death Metal! Transplant Productions has been creepily cultivating crushing metal acts to bring yet another killer show of live musical mayhem to The Southgate House Revival.

Kentucky’s Necrosadist returns to the stage for the first time since November of 2019. They’ve been itching to annihilate another awaiting audience, so you have been warned! From Chicago, Luna in Sanguinem will perform their thrash/death style for the first time in Newport. Magma Faction who bill themselves as “Chainsaw Metal” (which may now be my favorite sub genre description ever) and Akuma Le will perform their first ever live sets. Be sure to come out early and support these new bands! Didn’t you always want to be a part of your favorite band’s first show? Now’s your chance.

The show takes place on Friday, 4/16. Tickets are only $10. Be sure to get your ticket early as this show is a limited capacity show. The good folks at the Southgate House are doing everything they can to keep you safe at the show. Temps will be taken at the door and masks will be required. Get out of hiding and get to a show!