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Review: Samantha Fish at Riverfront Live

Samantha Fish is a mighty sight to behold. She can sing. She’s got a voice that is both captivating and deeply soulful. And she plays guitar! I’m sorry, let me rephrase that last sentence. She slays guitar. She’s a goddamn shredder. Her ability level is up there with Hendrix, Vai and Malmsteen and anyone else who has ever been associated with the title “Guitar God.”

On top of these amazing skills, Samantha Fish had a brief battle with Mother Nature at her recent show at Riverfront Live. A passing thunderstorm delayed the start of her performance for a while and she endured plenty of chilly wind during her set. Samanta pressed and played on giving the fine folks of the Queen City, many of that haven’t seen any live music performed in quite some time, one hell of a show.

Once the storm passed, Samantha and her band took little time lighting up the stage. Her Bluesy voice was such a warm welcome as she went into “Roadrunner” and the title track for her recent album, “Kill or be Kind.” Catching Samantha Fish live is an incredible experience, first she hooks you with those killer vocals, then she has you mesmerized as her fingers glide effortlessly down the fretboard as she pulls off some fantastic licks. This is one seriously talented performer!

Samantha, as well as the rest of the band, were on fire and in great spirits during the entire set. Clearly, this was a band that was excited to play live again. At one point, she joked with the audience about Cincinnati style chili. “What’s up with your chili? Y’all put it over boiled noodles or something?”

The band briefly took a break as Samanta sang and played a few solo songs. Towards the end of the show, Samanta brought out one of her famous “Cigar Box” guitars. Not only did the guitar look cool, she still manages to pull off some highly exciting and melodic solos off this scaled down guitar.

Samantha Fish captivated the crowd for her entire 2 hour set with a knockout performance and left us wanting more. Even though the crowd was socially distanced due to COVID, we were still able to pull together as one and enjoy a night of LIVE MUSIC.

Riverfront Live did an incredible job of keeping the crowds safe while still keeping the fun during these crazy times. Temperature checks were at the door. Masks needed to be worn if you were not in your seated area. The seated areas are well partitioned off in order to maintain a safe social distance. This was the first show that I attended since the pandemic began and I felt they are doing everything they can to keep the crowds safe.

Thank you Samantha Fish and Riverfront Live for a memorable night of much needed LIVE MUSIC!