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Diveyede Brings Calmness to Chaos

Formally known as "Divide the Poet", Diveyede labels himself a "Style of No Style" Poet with an Alternative, unorthodox uniqueness. Southern California born and raised he moved to Seattle in 2012 and has been building his name ever since. His self-written lyrical content expresses each persona in his mind based on his own experiences and knowledge. From love, lust, friendships to videogames, anime and lifting weights, many subjects are talked about as Diveyede tries to establish calmness in chaos.

We were thrilled to get to know more about Diveyede prior to the Overcast Hip Hop Festival!

Give us some background on Diveyede…
Born in the late 80's in Southern California, I've got to experience a lot of different cultures both musically and ethnically. Being of Latin and European descent, both my parents showed me lots of different music from their childhood but growing up mostly in East LA and the Inland Empire is where I found my most diverse exposure to music, from classic hiphop to underground rap, to hardcore and emo to Latin R&B and punk, I became friends with a diverse crowd. I knew early on that alternative hiphop and emo/hardcore was what drove my inspiration and was most relatable to my emotional development. It's something about finding light through the lyrical darkness that fascinated me and pushed me to break from standardized vocal delivery, lyrics and style, while therapeutically helping with my own inner resolve. Once I moved and planted a flag in Seattle, I knew this would be my new home not only for music but for family and friends, and since then, I've met so many talented artists, musicians, both known and unknown that bring their own artistic value to art and culture. Though my cult following is increasing, all I really continue to want for my fans, both new and old, is for them to be able to relate to my music and help them get through some tough times, because that's the real reward for me as an artist. 

What can fans expect at Overcast Hip Hop Festival?
Though I'm somewhat new to the graphics aspect of live streaming, I'm planning on bringing my visual set that I've only been able to use once before quarantine. I'm pretty proud of what I made and would love to show that to the rest of the interweb, I hope they enjoy it as well. 

How has the last 6ish months been for you musically?
Well, after having to cancel 3 separate shows I had set up which involved Mac Lethal, AWOL one, and P.O.S., I have definitely been able to create some new music, including an EP that was produced by a friend of mine (which I can't say who yet because it's still being mixed and mastered but I will soon) so overall it's been a musically productive few months. 

What is next for Diveyede?
Well inbetween working on seperate EP's, I've started writing and recording for the sequel to my most recent album "Dead Wait EXE" which is going to be titled "Dead Eyes EXE". I've also been honing in on my vocalization including harmonies, pitches, and delivery which I plan on executing differently with each future song/album/project. I want to always be changing and evolving artistically, and never want to be stagnant or a "one trick pony". I'm also working on some new shirt designs and a clothing brand with a homie of mind from CA who is an amazing drawer, so be on the lookout for that as well. Other than that, I just plan on continuing creating music at any given point, and continue enjoying life in my own way with friends and family, while trying to fight off my inner demons that like to show up uninvited.


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Overcast Hip Hop Festival 2020 

Announcing the Overcast Hip Hop Festival 2020! Hosted by Donuts N' Akahol, streamed at CincyMusic LIVE, and benefitting The Innocence Project. Mark your calendar for September 25th and 26th!