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EP Review: My Messy Mind: Charlie John

My Messy Mind is only four tracks. Four tracks that have challenged me to come up with the right words. What Charlie is doing here is not what I listen to usually, but in that I recognized that maybe that is what I write about. POP music, or his version of it is not what I normally listen to but there is something here worth writing about.

Charlie John opens the EP up with the title track “My Messy Mind” a song about a mind that is questioning everything and bouncing all over the place. I sure know that feeling. Over the weekend I forgot to tell my neighbor to “have a nice day” after we chatted for like five seconds, and I’m still stewing over it like I did something wrong. I digress. Behind the autotune and pop beats he is saying something more important. I don’t know if he deals with mental illness, but just bringing to light the way the character in the song deals with a mind that races is good enough for me.

The EP dances along this way, pop beats with intelligent lyrics. He has a falsetto that is pleasant and calming. EP’s are like appetizers, right? It’s sort of like a chef that gives you a tasting plate. You have a certain number of things to try but never really have the main course. That’s kind of what this does. I would be interested to hear the entire album. The one thing that really stands out is Charlie’s voice, the guy can really sing. He has a strong voice and that carries throughout the EP.

I will listen to just about anything. I do. It’s my side hustle. So, when asked to review the EP I listened a couple of times and floated back and forth on doing this or not. I like to challenge myself, and I thank Charlie for the challenge. I think he has something strong here. Four tracks that blend nicely together. Lyrically, sonically, and with his melodic voice.

Based out of Covington, Kentucky it will be pleasant to see where Charlie goes from here. I believe he has a remix in the works with a local rapper Hoody Time. The EP is well done. Produced and co-written with his father Bill Millikin, who has thirty plus years of composing under his belt, must have been a rewarding experience. It shines on “My Messy Mind.” Four tracks that’s it, maybe ten minutes, give it a listen. He does crank the guitar up on one song, and anytime that happens my heart smiles. He’ll be playing a set live on Cincymusic LIVE on Friday, June 26th at 7p. Give him a listen.

Stream My Messy Mind HERE or HERE.