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The Never Setting Suns Release New Single

The Never Setting Suns have released their first single in 8 years!

Listen to "Noah" HERE!

The song, "Noah" has an end of the world vibe to it, which is appropriate for times as these. It is a part of their album that they self-recorded last summer in Corey's kitchen, living room, dining room, basement, and coal room! This single and eventual album is a 100% DIY venture. Hence the obscure time frames. This single will be from the upcoming album set to release this fall.

 The Never Setting Suns are three good friends from Cincinnati, OH. They came together in the summer of 2008. They have opened for such acts including The Whigs, The Features, Crash Kings and The Toadies. Having adopted a DIY ethic from a love for Ian MacKaye, Fugazi and similar American indie rock groups, The Never Setting Suns decided to invest heavily in their local scene and make their songs available as independently as possible, all the while experimenting with gear and pedal board designs. Alongside of supporting larger national acts, they began playing in smaller rural areas, putting together shows in old warehouses, church gymnasiums, living rooms, art studios and on two occasions, storefronts inside a mall.