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Shows to Couch Tour With

Photo Cred: Calan Beasley

As we all bunker down for the long haul it looks as though, at least the beginning of our summer concert plans are on hold. All major festivals have either been postponed, rescheduled or canceled and the fate of single concert dates will all be based on whether we can all gather in large groups again this summer.

So, what's next best option? Couch tour through YouTube and nugs.net. Couch touring for those who don’t know, is where you attend a show or concert from the comfort of your home. Make some drinks, lay out some snacks, and pretend like you’re favorite bands in your living room. Here is a list of some of the best full length live performances online right now.

1.Tame Impala: Live At Glastonbury 2019

Tame Impala has always pushed the envelope with their live performances, from impressive light shows to their Coachella performance last year that encompassed a UFO like structure. But as far as their most up to date performance featuring singles such as "Borderline" the dance psychedelic pop lead single from off of their latest album the "Slow Rush." The grand stage that Glastonbury presents also really makes you appreciate the scale of how large the European festival is.

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Sea Lie by the Seaside (Live in Malibu)

Being stuck in the house can drive anyone crazy and wishing they were somewhere else, well let Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile take you to the cliffs of Malibu. Back in 2017 the duo released an album of original duets, that capture some of Barnett's most surf rock sounds and Vile's laid back vibe. With the rolling waves crashing in from behind and the isolated location of the performance, it's the perfect way to escape your house for a bit and feel like the two are playing a personal show in your living room.

Vulfpeck – Live at Madison Square Garden

Playing the biggest stage in the world, the jazz, funk, soul, beast that is Vulfpeck electrifies Madison Square Garden in this single shot camera performance. Treated like a sporting event, a Broadway performance, and concert all in one Vulfpeck gives you the performance that they themselves promise as a performance with "No Xanax, no beta blockers, fully adrenalized, everything 20 percent faster!" Like a spin class instructor Jack Stratton leads his team through this performance like it’s their last. So whether you’re sitting or riding your Peloton, this is a must see.

Khruangbin – Lockn’ Festival 2019 (featuring Trey Anastasio)

There are a lot of amazing full performances by Houston's psychedelic Latin influenced Khruangbin but none more exciting than their 2019 performance at Lockn' Festival in Virginia. Coming out swinging with an energized performance of 'Maria También,' Khruangbin holds no punches with this setlist. But what really makes this performance a two for one is the addition of Phish frontman, Trey Anastasio on guitar. What seems as a spur of the moment decision to have Trey jam for a song, turns into this organic relationship through sound that sees Anastasio play for the rest of set with the Texas trio.

The Allman Brothers Band – Live at the University of Florida Bandshell – 01.16.82

Take a trip back in time to 1982, on the campus of Florida University where the Allman Brothers Band performed for a crowd of college students looking for some good ole fashioned southern rock. The performance kicks off with Dickie Betts ripping into the band’s classic dueling guitar instrumental 'Jessica' eventually handing the reigns over to Greg Allman and his soulful voice and performance on the Hammond Organ. What is really the best part about this performance is the setting and the entire aesthetic of the show, shot and performed during the afternoon each member of the band is rocking aviators and southern attire, in what looks like a comfortable January afternoon in Gainesville, Florida.

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

With 47 million views towering in numbers to the next closest in views, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals performance on NPR's Tiny Desk may not have been a full a performance like the other acts on this list but as far as Paak's performances on YouTube goes this is probably the best and most intimate. His showmanship is one of his many talents and allows him to command stages like Coachella, and you get an up close look at what Paak can do as he serenades the NPR Music staffers.

The Grateful Dead – At the Closing of Winterland in San Francisco – 12.31.1978

For most Dead Heads, the closing of Winterland on New Years Eve in 78' is a well-known show. But if you're are still on the fence wondering what makes the Grateful Dead America's most prolific rock band there is really no better display of that than this performance. Arguably at the peak of their sound and creativity the Dead are introduced by what appears to be a man dressed as a wizard or perhaps Father Time riding a flying joint through the air, as the audience is led through a disorienting countdown to the New Year. With balloons everywhere a young Bob Weir leads the band into 'Sugar Magnolia,' passing off the next song to Jerry Garcia with 'Scarlett Begonias < Fire on the Mountain' this performance is the entry level course to the encyclopedia that is the Grateful Dead's catalogue.

Chance The Rapper – Lallapalooza 2014

Remember when Chance the Rapper was that cool indie rapper that you knew about? ‘Acid Rap’ was really the only claim to fame he had and the word of mouth he was gaining through his incredible live performances. Before ‘Coloring Book’ and the 3 hats, Chance the Rapper was still Chicago’s pride and joy, where he performed an hour fifteen minute set to a crowd that knew every word. Accompanied by backing band the Social Experiment Chance gives a hometown performance that reminds you of why he has gotten so far on his own terms.

LCD Soundsystem – Shut Up and Play the Hits – 2013 - Hulu

Maybe seen as cliché now, and over sold, LCD Soundsystem at one time had their “Final Performance,” at Madison Square Garden. The performance was made into a concert Documentary called, “Shut Up and Play the Hits,” a film that jumps between somber moments of front man James Murphy waking up the next day to realize the band is no longer and incredible live concert footage of a band that takes pride in their live show. Whatever your feelings are about how the now very much together, LCD Soundsystem’s 2013 departure looks, there is no denying that they are a quintessential New York City band and this performance is one of the best concert films ever made. You can now stream this on Hulu with the link above.

Bruce Springsteen – Springsteen on Broadway – Netflix

Sometimes you want to get into your feels, and no other live performance can tug on your heart strings, make you laugh, and give you as intimate a look at one of music’s greatest performers. You can search YouTube and find thousands of amazing live concert footage of Bruce Springsteen, where he commands crowds that fill football stadiums to London’s Hyde Park. But the autobiographical one-man stage performance from the Boss, is some of his most revealing and beautiful work he has created. A culmination of both his greatest hits and stories, set to a one-man Broadway performance. Like is music, his stories are poetic and tell the real story behind some of Springsteen's most memorable tunes. It pulls back the curtain on a titan of music to reveal his childhood, his thoughts, and how he became the Boss.

This is just a few to get you started on the thousands of concert performances you can watch, that take you back in time or allow you to see that band you may not get to see this summer. Some artists have even begun weekly series of posting some of their past performances. From Dead & Company's “One More Saturday Night,” series where they upload old performances every Saturday evening, to Phish's “Dinner and a Movie” series where they are uploading shows every Tuesday along with a recipe to make your own meal while you enjoy an old performance by the band.

Who knows how long this quarantine could last, don’t let this be the reason you stop attending shows and watching your favorite bands in concert.