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Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins is originally from Upstate New York and a graduate of Marshall University. His favorite band is Cincinnati's own The National; he loves Twin Peaks and a "damn fine cup of coffee." If you see him at a show, his drink of choice is Bulleit on the rocks.

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Review: Wilco at The Taft Theater

In the three years since we last heard from Chicago indie rock legends Wilco, front man Jeff Tweedy has been on what seems to be a revitalization of his song writing. Releasing his first studio solo album of originals in 2018, the delightful “Warm” that was paired with a memoir Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), followed by a solo acoustic tour, where Tweedy stopped at Cincinnati Music HallFor those lucky enough on this past Record Store Day Tweedy released the b-sides from “Warm,” titling it simply “Warmer.”  

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Interview with Curt Kiser of Carriers

To understand the story of Carriers and how the Heartland inspired synth rock group came to be, there were a few factors that played a key role in its conception. First is lead singer and founder Curt Kiser’s faith, that inspired the direction of the album conceptually and it is also deeply rooted in his lyrics. Second is the love of his home Cincinnati and the role it had in creating their debut album “Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else.” And finally, a few chance meetings at Whole Foods and the Cincinnati Zoo. 

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Review: Twenty One Pilots at U.S. Bank Arena

As U.S. Bank began to fill up to the rafters, it was clear that this was one of the more heavily attended shows that the arena has had all year. With the anticipation growing, the curtains dropped abruptly and arose Joseph and drummer Josh Dunn atop a flaming junk yard car, resembling the set of their music video for “Jumpsuit,” off their latest album ‘Trench.

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A Late Night with Andy Frasco & The U.N.

With a Jameson bottle in one hand and a mic in the other Frasco was true to form. Smoking cigarettes and joints from the crowd, Frasco was a man of the people and fed off the crowd. When Frasco came out on stage you could see his genuine surprise, as he was greeted by a packed house of Cincinnati’s dedicated jam base. “I didn’t realize there would be this many people,” said Frasco as he sat down at his keyboard. 

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Review: Carriers

As millions of people walked the streets of Cincinnati to experience the lights and sounds of BLINK, some of the lucky on-lookers may have walked across the performance of Cincinnati based indie rock band Carriers.

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Review: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers / Senora May

Thursday night at The Southgate House Revival, North Carolina group Sarah Shook & The Disarmers would return to what Shook called one of their favorite venues in the country. Along with Kentucky folk/ country singer songwriter Senora May opening. 

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Review: Black Keys

Six years ago, the biggest name in Rock Music without a doubt would’ve been Akron, Ohio’s The Black Keys. Racking up Grammys left and right, with albums like ‘Brothers’ and ‘El Camino’ offer entire albums worth of hits. The garage rock duo were at the height of their success, at a time where Kanye West and Drake were releasing arguably their best work and hip-hop artists were becoming the new rock stars. 

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Review: Rhythm & Brews Festival

As Festival season comes to a close fans gathered at the newly renovated Riverfront Live, to finish out the three-day festival Rhythm and Brews put on by Sweetwater Brewing. 

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Review: Bad Suns

Many bands draw influence from past decades but it is a challenge to almost recreate it, while still breaking new ground on your entire sound as a band. California’s dream pop indie rockers, Bad Suns were able to bring a packed crowd back to what a show may have been like at the Whiskey A Go Go, during the 1980’s.  

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moe. Review

In the annals of jam bands and jam history moe. has a special place. They have a dedicated fan base that isn’t just off season Dead heads or Phish fans. They have a long standing series of their own festivals in Upstate, New York, both ‘moe. down’ and ‘snoe. down’ which along with Phish was a revolutionary concept for modern festivals

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Review: John R. Miller at The Southgate House Revival

John R. Miller a singer-songwriter out of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, Miller is one of those songwriters who is able to make the listener experience his songs through his heartfelt and witty writing.

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A Special Evening with Jeff Tweedy: Cincinnati Music Hall

Wednesday night, the Wilco front man played to a crowd of what seemed to be longtime fans of his. Fans from the Uncle Tupelo days, to diehards of Wilco, and those who may even have been fans of his family band Tweedy.