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What Does Valentine’s Day Mean For You? A Playlist by CincyMusic

Valentine’s Day has a different meaning for everyone. If you are in a relationship, you want to appreciate the one you are with. If you are out of one, perhaps you cherish being alone or reflect on time with past loves. It’s also a great day to show your love to your kids or the animals in your life!

A few of the CincyMusic Team got together to share why a few songs on the playlist mean something to them.

“This Time” – Tracy Chapman
This song has played a role in just about every breakup I have ever been through. It also has and continues to be an inspirational song for me. As someone who either puts too much of herself into a situation or at times has huge walls for others to force their way through, it reminds me of what is the most important.

I'm gonna love myself
More than anyone else
I'm gonna treat me right
(Courtney Phenicie)

“You’re in Love” – Ratt
Glam Metal May have given us the power ballad for better or for worse, but it also had its fair share of heavy tunes. Ratt gave us a song you can share your love while rocking out. Sure, it’s cheesy but aren’t we all a little cheesy with the ones we love?
(Andrew Risch)

“Inches and Falling” – The Format
If this is not a song for the beginning stages of falling in love, I don’t know what is. Even the tempo has the beat of a heart falling in love. Ok…so the lyrics take a swift turn for the worse, but hey doesn’t every relationship until one doesn’t?

I love Love
I love being in love
I don't care what it does to me
(Courtney Phenicie)

“Present Infant” – Ani DiFranco
So obviously, I can find an Ani song for any occasion. She is my spirit animal after all. When this song was released (2008), it did not hold much meaning for me. But fast forward to 2016 and it means everything to me. Since the birth of my baby girl, I can’t even get through this song without crying.

But now here is this tiny baby
And they say she looks just like me
And she is smiling at me with that present infant glee
Yes, and I would defend to the ends of the earth
(Courtney Phenicie)

“Washington Avenue” - Wonky Tonk
In “Washington Avenue,” Wonky Tonk does a fantastic job at summarizing the lows of love-loss along with innocent optimism towards the future ("sometimes you give your heart to someone and they break it / that's love, it takes a few times to get it right"). Washington Avenue is a perfect song to blast as you dance and take big sips of your wine – or your Miller High Life.
(Diego Sanchez)

“This Place Was A Shelter” – Olafur Arnalds
This is not just a song or a composition, it is a piece of art. Once you watch the video, it will be engrained in your brain for life. Wow.

(Courtney Phenicie)

“This Must Be the Place” – Talking Heads
My love for WNKU is still strong. Just three years ago, on Valentine’s Day - Northern Kentucky University authorized the sale of WNKU (89.7 FM). The last day of WNKU broadcasting was Thursday, September 28th 2017. The entire day was dedicated to listener requests expect for the very last song, this one. This was the last song played on the air chosen by WNKU DJ, Aaron Sharpe. Relive the last day of WNKU, one of the saddest days ever for music fans in the Cincinnati area.

(Courtney Phenicie)