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Review: Steel Panther

You have to hand it to Steel Panther. For a band that most people see as a parody band, they have no problem packing in the crowd at Bogart’s on a Wednesday night. Their throwback style and sound of the 80’s sleazy glam rock attracts not only fans of Heavy Metal but people looking to have a good night away from the everyday mundane stress of a typical work week, Fans came out with their wives and girlfriends and dressed in their finest spandex and acid washed denim.

Opening with “Eyes of the Panther,” Steel Panther had no problem taking control of the near sold out crowd. At times it was hard to distinguish which was more entertaining; the stage banter between the band members or the songs that they were performing. The fun between the band making jokes at their own expense and the crowd kept everyone in great spirits throughout the show. I am not sure which I enjoyed more; the music or the stage banter.

Going back to the music, Steel Panther played a lot of great hits that pumped up the crowd, “Asian Hooker”, “Poontang Boomerang”, and “Death to all but Metal’, were easily crowd favorites. Brining women up on the stage as they sang a few 80=s inspired Monster Ballads, really felt like Steel Panther managed to open some sort of time warp that brought the audience back to the time of hairspray, spandex and lip gloss.

For me the biggest highlight of the evening was the encore, Lead singer, Michael Starr performed one of the best Ozzy Osbourne impressions I have ever seen while the rest of the group played an amazing cover of “Crazy Train.” 

If you find yourself offended by Un-PC Humor, you are probably better off staying at home watching America’s Funniest Videos or working on some crossword puzzles. However, if you like your Heavy Metal Un-Pc’d with tongue firmly planted in cheek, make sure to get your ass to a Steel Panther show. 

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