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Mr. Phylzzz is Back

Cincinnati’s band Mr. Phylzzz has risen from the dead like a biblical story and is releasing a new album and went on very long tour to show America they are back and better than ever. Long-time local legendary drummer Ray Redmon has stepped down from percussion and is currently focusing on things with Flesh Mother, but that story is for next month. New drummer Dan Patch is passionate, dirty and wearing a clown uniform which has allowed him to take on the title of Phylzzz drummer with the blessings of all who are involved. The reason you are reading this is to inform you Mr. Phylzzz is releasing their new album Friday, November 8th and then jumping back on tour. This might be Mr. Phylzzz biggest show to date, and is one of your only chances to see the band for a long time.

I was privileged enough to have listened to the new album before it came out, and in my humble opinion it is a Cincinnati DIY classic project. The new songs have all of the bite and edge of the first EP with new more melodic moments such as my favorite track “I Only Cry on Sundays.” The album starts out with a sample from an angry televangelist preacher screaming at you to believe in jesus, which ties into the whole theme and message of the band thus far. By the way, for all those wondering, Clinton will not be wearing his signature ZZZZZZZZZ dress any more, I already asked him. Come support underground music at MOTR this Friday.