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Interview: Winterhymn

Next up in our band spotlight for the upcoming Cincy Metal Scene Reunion show is none other than the Mighty Pagan Warriors, Winterhymn. We were honored to briefly speak with guitarist and clean vocalist, Draug. 

CincyMusic: How would you classify your sound?

Draug: I would characterize us as pagan metal I suppose, though we also get folk, viking, and fantasy metal and honestly the difference eludes me at this point haha. At our core we're just a bunch of black and heavy metal fans with a love for fantasy, history, and mythology, and for epic storytelling. 

CM: Who is in the band and who does what?

D: We're a six-piece featuring Umbriel on violin, Exura on keys, Helgrav on drums, Varrik on lead guitars, Yahrnum on bass, and myself (Draug) on guitars and vocals. 

CM: When did the band form?

D: In the later part of 2009 in Northern Kentucky.

CM: What are some of your favorite venues to play in the Cincy Area?

D: At the moment I think Northside Yacht Club is my favorite, even though the stage is a bit too small for the six of us. But the smoked buffalo wings are out of this world, so you gotta make sacrifices. 

CM: For you, what is great about the Cincy Metal scene?

D: Obviously there's great camaraderie and support within the scene but I also love how diverse it has become. It's great to have some shining examples of just about every subgenre right in your backyard. 

CM: Who are you most excited to see perform or perform with at The Cincy Scene Reunion Show?

D: I think I'm with everyone else who can't wait to see Lucis Absentia, Split the Abyss, and Fenrir since it's been way too long! Mike from Fenrir played bass with us on the tour for our last album and we were all sad to see him move. 

CM: What is Winterhymn up to now? Any tour or new music plans?

D: We're currently writing new music that we're incredibly excited about. Our new drummer and bassist have brought new influences and styles into the band a d we're thrilled with the music that has come out of it. Everything's getting a lot darker, a bit less whimsical and a bit bleeker. 

CM: Anything else that you would like to add?

D: Thanks for supporting and we hope to see a bunch of familiar faces at the reunion!