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Interview: Verment

Melodic Death Metal may be my favorite genre of extreme metal. After seeing the video for Carcass’s Heartwork in the early 90’s I was hooked. Verment is one of those bands that fills me with the same amount of excitement just like Carcass did all those years ago. Eric Payne, Verment’s bassist and vocalist took some time to talk about their influences, excitement to see old friends perform at the upcoming Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion and the importance of supporting your local music scene.

CincyMusic: Tell me about how Verment was formed…

Eric Payne: Verment was formed in 2013 by me, Alex Hooper, and Dustin Stockhoff. After being in previous metal bands with each other in the past we decided it was time to form a new band. 

Later that year we put out our first EP/Demo titled “The Filth”. By the way, if you have a copy of that consider yourself lucky because we don’t. The Filth was a combination of old songs that we had written before Verment, plus a couple new ones. Shortly after our first release we recruited Nick Moeller as our second guitarist. In 2016 we recorded “Death’s Domain”. It was our first pressed EP with a full art work and lyric book with all new songs for the exception of “Parade of Filth” which was originally featured on The Filth. Since then we have been playing shows and having a good time!

CM: How did you come to your style? Who are some of your main influences?

EP: Our style has changed over the years making us a tighter sounding band, I think with our own sound. We used to have a heavy “deathcore” sound but in the past couple of years we have moved toward a more melodic and straight up death metal sound. Nick definitely brought a different aspect to the band by adding some darker more melodic-driven riffs. Our influences are vast and pretty much all over the place, but I think the biggest ones are, The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, Morbid Angel, Dissection, At the Gates, and Death.  

CM: You have opened for some great bands in Extreme Metal. Any bands that you have opened for cause you to geek out?

EP: Morbid Angel by far has to be the biggest we have opened for and anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Morbid Angel fan, especially the Steve Tucker era stuff.

Rivers of Nihil was another was another awesome band we opened for. Those dudes seriously rule.

CM: What are your thoughts on today's Death Metal scene?

EP: There are some sick bands out right now! Bands like Tomb Mold, Superstition, Oxygen Destroyer, Outer Heaven, and Necrot absolutely destroy! They take what was good about the early 90’s death metal and keep it alive with killer riffs and ferocity. I’m always excited to hear new and upcoming Death Metal bands. The underground is the law!

CM: What or who are you looking most forward to at the Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion Show?

EP: LUCIS ABSENTIA! Those are our boys and we miss playing with them. Also, Fenrir and Split the Abyss were some of the first bands we played with in the local scene. It will be great to see them kill it as well! It’s going to be an awesome time and everyone should come hang out!

CM: You recently joined forces with Trve Kvlt Coffee and are part of this month's subscription service. How has the experience been for you?

EP: Trve Kvlt rules, I was approached and almost immediately said yes. They gave us an awesome review on Death’s Domain and fully support the underground scene! Highly recommended!

CM: What else does Verment have in store in the near future?

EP: We are busy writing and recording for our next release. It will be another EP with some songs we have been playing out and maybe an older song rerecorded for our older fans… It’s going to be awesome and will hopefully be out by the end of the year!

CM: Where can fans find you online?

EP: Facebook, Bandcamp, our website. Almost all streaming services! 

CM: Anything else you would like to add? 

EP: KEEP THE UNDERGROUND ALIVE!! Go to shows, support your friends, don’t be an ass! Thanks for all your support!