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Interview: Solar Flare

There is no shortage of genres of Metal that will be represented at the upcoming Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion Show. We caught up with Cincy's outstanding Power Metal band, Solar Flare and spoke with front man Ethan Jackson for his thoughts on their next gig.

CincyMusic: It seems like the Cincinnati Metal Scene reunion has a fair amount of different types of Metal being represented. Your sound is very much in the line of power metal. How would you describe power metal and what chose the band to go in this direction?

Ethan Jackson: I’d say a lot has to do with my vocals, as I’ve got a classical opera background, and my heavy influence within the genre especially from Iron Maiden and bands of the like. I formed the band with the intention to be in this direction and with my wonderful members Mark, Cody, Garian, and newly added our drummer Jordan, it’s really began to take amazing shape that I couldn’t have seen without them.  

CM: You've performed covers of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Any other influential bands that you would like to cover?

EJ: Oh, that’s a big question. Ultimately, I’d have to convince the band into them, but a few bands I’d love to cover are: Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Heart, Queen, Sabbath, Queensryche, Enforcer, and Sonata Arctica to be brief.

CM: How is the Power Metal Scene in Cincinnati?

EJ: It definitely feels like a lot of people want bands like us in the mix. We get great responses to our music/performances. I know there aren’t many bands in Cincinnati that you’d consider “power metal”, but the metal scene as a whole is there at our shows and are behind us 100% so it’s great!  

CM: I see the band are Dungeon and Dragons fans. Does this influence your song writing?

EJ: Not for our upcoming album, however it definitely will inspire some themes in future.  

CM: What are some of your favorite venues to play in Cincinnati?

EJ: Northside Tavern is great we just played there and had a great crowd, Madison Theater/Live is host to great memories even though it’s in Covington, close enough I guess. Haha!  

CM: Your most memorable gig?

EJ: That’s pretty tough. When we got asked to open for Orphaned Land with our buds Automaton I’d say, It was an incredible experience. Orphaned Land are such wonderful people, and cream of the crop musicians. 

CM: Who or what are you looking forward to the most for the Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion?

 EJ: Definitely playing a show with all the bands I’m friends with in one giant show. Getting to see all of them, and have a good time with them putting on our shows. together. To forget our poor financial decision of being in a band so we’re rich in friendship with sweaty people. Simply irreplaceable.  

CM: Where can fans find you online?

EJ: Via FaceBookTwitter, and Instagram

CM: Anything else that you would like to add?

EJ: Yeah, our album has been a long time coming. A lot of setbacks working on it, but now with a solid lineup it’s about done. We’re having a friend from out of country guest some keyboard tracks, and we’re planning a big release show with an even bigger stage setup that’ll be super fun. We’ve been secretly working behind closed doors to put together the biggest local band stage show. It’s gonna be crazy, everyone should be there! Follow our social media to stay up to date on all of our upcoming appearances.