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Interview: Nithing

Beer soaked raw and grimy Extreme Metal? I think I'm in love. Our Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion continues with Zach Determan, the guitarist from Nithing.

CincyMusic: When and how did Nithing form?

Zach Determan: Nithing officially formed in August 2015 when I moved down to Cincinnati after finishing up school. The idea had been there for at least a year or two between me and our other guitarist, Andrew. He and I met in the fall of 2011 at school up in Michigan and started jamming together. He moved back to Cincinnati in 2012 but we stayed in contact and by the time I was set to graduate, I hit him up and asked if I moved down to Cincinnati at the end of the summer if he would want to form a band. He said, 'fuck yeah' and that was that. We met James through our old drummer and he had just moved down here from Toledo a few months prior. He's a jazz bassist and didn't really have any background playing extreme metal, but he was looking to do something outside his wheelhouse. Kory was already well established in Fenrir, we got lucky getting him.

CM: What would be the best way to describe your sound?

ZD: Grimy. Raw and grimy. We sound like a black metal band that came up playing shows in beer soaked punk house basements. We all come from different musical backgrounds and I think that shows in the musical abominations we vomit up. 

CM: You recently opened for some heavy hitters in the scene, Hate and Incantation. Can you tell me about that experience?

ZD: It was pretty cool. We didn't really go into it with a different mindset than what we have with most shows we play nowadays. 'Don't get too drunk before we play, don't fuck up.' We had played a show a few days before that had gone really well so we were feeling good going into it. Overall, it was a great experience to be able to share the stage with bands of that caliber who have been doing it for as long as they have.

CM: You have some incredible song titles on your release, "Thrown on the Pyre," such as "Eaten by Wolves," and "Blood Boiling Rage Syndrome." What was the song writing process like and how did you arrive at these great titles?

ZD: Well we were pretty drunk. That sums up a lot of the writing process. Andrew wrote Wolves and I think he thought it was a pretty cool name. I wrote Blood Boiling Rage Syndrome with a good friend of ours from Michigan and the name was inspired from the short story that influenced the lyrics. A good chunk of our songs were written individually before we came together as a band so it wasn't as cohesive as the songwriting now is.

CM: Who or what are you most looking forward to at The Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion?

ZD: What isn't there to look forward to at The Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion? It's a one-time event that no fan of the local metal scene will want to miss. 

CM: Where is the best place in Cincy to grab a bite after a gig?

ZD: Anywhere you can grab a case of beer before they stop selling for the night. I think that's the closest thing we've done for food after a gig.

CM: Where can fans find out more about Nithing online?

ZD: www.facebook.com/nithingoh and https://www.instagram.com/nithingoh/. Our music is on https://nithingoh.bandcamp.com and we'll have our new EP up in about a month or so.

CM: Anything else that you would like to add?

ZD: EP Release coming soon, so stayed updated on our Facebook as that comes together. Opening for Ringworm with Flesh Mother on August 31st at Urban Artifact and Deathcrown at NSYC on September 10th. Nothing good happens after 10PM so stay out late with us.