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Interview: Casteless

If you are a Metalhead in the Queen City, hopefully you have heard about the big Cincinnati Metal Scene Reunion show that is taking place on Saturday August 17th at the Columbia Community Center. For just a measly $10 bucks you get access to 9 of our city’s heaviest metal hitters. All proceeds go to funding flying at members of the bands in order to make the show. So, show the bands some love. Show up, buy some merch and kick ass in the pit. 

In preparation for this killer event, we have interviewed as many bands as we could leading up to the show. The first band we are spotlighting is Casteless. If you like your metal blended with grind, punk, black and an unhealthy dose of humor, this is the band for you! 

CincyMusic: How would you describe your musical style? 

Joe: You ever been at an after-show house party and a crust punk tries to make a frozen pizza for a bunch of death metal/thrash dude's and everyone forgets it in the oven? We sound like "burnt crust."

CM: Now I’m hungry. Who would you say are some of your biggest or main influences?

Joe: I can't speak for everyone but personally, my biggest influences are our friends we play with. Both locally and out of town. Bands like Flesh Mother, Coelacanth, Fuckin Bastard, Nervous Corpse, S.N.A.F.U., Deathcrown, Cruelsifix, Knight Terror, Burial Party... just to name a few

CM: What was the recording process like for “Sorry you feel that way?”

Joe: Smoooooth. Todd (Fuzzy Eyed Records) is an amazing dude and working with him is super relaxed. I'd love to go into more detail but honesty we stayed pretty ripped that weekend (the labels name didn't come out of nowhere) and it went so quickly it was a bit of a blur.

CM: How would you describe the Cincy Music Scene?

Joe: Healthy. There are a lot of really good active bands and great venues. 

CM: Going off that, how does it feel to be a part of the Cincy Music Scene Reunion?

Joe: Being a part of any of Will's (Transplant Productions) shows are always great. Dude works super hard and you can tell the only thing he cares about is making sure everyone has a good time both the bands and the crowd

CM: Any surprises for us at this show?

Joe: Asking about surprises kinda defeats the purpose don't you think? 

CM: Ha! Fair enough. Tell me about the craziest gig you've had? 

Joe: Santamania 2018 at Northside Yacht Club. The room was packed, and everyone was going insane. There were a couple of couches at the back of the room and all the cushions got pulled off and people were blasting each other with them in the pit. If you've never been a part of a "pillow fight mosh" I highly recommend it. 

CM: That sounds amazing! I would have loved to have witnessed that! What are some of your favorite venues in the Cincinnati area?

Joe: (Northside) Yacht Club is one of my personal favorites, every one of us have friends that work there and it's just an all-around rad place. Another spot is The Nest, it's a diy house on the westside that is a lot of fun. There's nothing like a beer-soaked basement show. Also, even though we've never played there The Hub OTR is a sick spot for smaller bar shows.

CM: You can’t beat a classic house show. What's next for Casteless? Shows? New music?

Joe: We're working on writing a lot of new stuff and hope to get in the studio soon to do a full length and tour as much as possible

CM: Anything else you'd like to add? 

Joe: Just a little shameless self-promotion, anyone who wants to keep track of what we're up to can find us on FB or Instagram @casteless_band