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Review: The Aquabats

Alright folks, let’s do things a little bit different today shall we? Today we are going to base this review through the eyes of a parent.

Yes. A parent bringing their young child to a rock concert. On a Wednesday night no less.

The Aquabats are a perfect live band for any young child or for those young at heart. With their phenomenal programs, The Aquabats Super Show! And Yo Gabba Gabba the band has already been on many parent’s radar, as it is fun for tikes and parents alike and is much more enjoyable than watching the umpteenth viewing of Paw Patrol. 

But what is a live show like?

To put it simply, it’s Super Rad! 

Upon entering Bogart’s my 2-year-old son was filled with the excitement that only someone his age could feel. So much to see, so much to do! Although the floor was a little too crowded for a little person such as himself to get maximum enjoyment, we soon went to the upper level where he could get a bird’s eye view of the evenings rocking festivities. As we waited for The Aquabats’ to take center stage, my son was greeted with many high fives and head nods of approval from the participants of concert. And he was far from the only little one there. Several families where in the audience eagerly introducing their children to the music they grew up with.

Soon The Aquabats took center stage with a fury opening up with “Shark Fighter,” throwing inflatable sharks into the crowd. Keeping the party going the band quickly descended into (my personal favorite) “The Cat with 2 Head’s” while plenty of fun and quirky images displayed on the monitor behind them. The lead singer, also known as The Bat Commander let the citizens of Cincinnati know they were also known as “Pizzanati” as they went into the fan favorite song, “Pizza Party.” During this song a few young fans were lead up on stage. After some quick introductions, the young fans were led on to large inflatable pizza slices and crowd surfed throughout the audience. How’s that for cool?

The Aquabats were great throughout their set with the kiddos, even at one point turning on the house lights to make sure everyone was dancing. The Bat Commander kept the party rolling by ensuring plenty of crowd participation throughout their set. My son, even though it was well past his bedtime was having a great time. The Bat Commander seemed to sense this and motioned to the pictures adorning Bogart’s walls, saying this show was so epic that The Aquabats would soon be placed upon Bogart’s walls.

Ending the show with two of their biggest hits, “Super Rad,” and “Pool Party,” The Aquabats proved their mettle delivering a show that was both awesome for young and old alike.

And my son slept well last night.