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The Ophelias Make Their Audiotree Debut

The Ophelias are releasing their first live EP with Audiotree today! The seven-track EP includes fan favorites “Fog” and “General Electric” as well as “House” which harkens back to the group’s Cincinnati upbringing.

“We wanted it (“House”) to sound reminiscent of the trains that pass-through Cincinnati at night,” said Spencer Peppet, lead vocalist/guitarist."I feel like the polyrhythms going on in the song mimic how relationships can make disjointed appearances throughout your life and affect your actions in ways that you might not have expected," said drummer Micaela Adams.

The group also had the opportunity to record with some of their touring musicians, lead violinist Andrea Gutmann Fuentes said she particularly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate on the arrangements. “It was especially great playing Lunar Rover with Nina because we were able to create those looped rounds that are so integral to the song,” said Andrea. 

The Ophelias on Audiotree Livecomes ahead of a string of tour dates starting in June.

Watch the full performance on Audiotree’s Youtube channel and hear the full EP on Spotify, Apple Music and more.