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Streetlight Manifesto, and Ska, comes to Bunbury

If someone were to tell me 15 or so years ago that Ska would still be around, relevant, and most importantly, good in 2019, I’d have been like, “Yeah, no shit. Ska is awesome.” All kidding aside, though, as a once and future Ska fan (in most of its iterations, be it punk, traditional, or even hardcore), seeing that Streetlight Manifesto had been added to this year’s Bunbury lineup was a pleasant surprise. And it was a genuinely great reminder of the vitality of one of music’s most interesting and fun genres.

Born from the ashes of New Jersey’s iconic Ska-Punk outfit Catch 22 and other NJ bands like One Cool Guy, Streetlight Manifesto happily and proudly carries the torch of the late 90’s/early aughts third wave revival. They never quite reached the heights of contemporaries like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Reel Big Fish, but their fanbase was and has always been one of the most devoted. Punchy horns, rock and punk tinged - and in some cases, just straight up rock or punk - songs, and catchy, meaningful lyrics have been their M.O. from the start. 

Want to see why they’ve endured and just what makes this band so legendary? Head to the Monster Energy Stage at 5:45 on Sunday to catch their set. Just don’t forget your checkered Vans and skinny tie. Also, how wild is it that an hour after they play, Run The Jewels will perform on the same stage? Bunbury, you crazy for this one.