• Preview

Northside Heavy Metal Festival

9 Bands. Free Cover.

You have no excuse to miss this show. This Saturday, May 11th, The Northside Tavern will be home to one of the heaviest, most brutal, can’t miss Extreme Metal events of the year. Transplant Productions are bringing in 9 killer bands for a night of pure maniacal bliss. The show kicks off at 5:45pm and the mayhem continues until 1:30 am.

Bands scheduled to play include:

Embalmer (OH)

Shed The Skin (OH)

Oxygen Destroyer (WA)

Void Rot (MN)

Centenary (MI)

Mutilatred (OH)

Lectularius (OH)

Jeffery Donger (OH)


Let me just say this again: The show is FREE! Get out and thrash around in the pit this Saturday night before you have to take Mom out for brunch the following afternoon for Mother’s Day. Hell, bring your Mom to the show! Looking for a last-minute gift? Be sure to hit the performing band’s merch booths and support the scene. 

Big thanks to the venue owners for keeping this event FREE. So, use a little bit of the extra dough on beer and come early for some of the great dishes available at The Northside Tavern. You can even bring your Mom and get that Sunday brunch out of the way.