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Enjoy Joywave - Dark Pop Comes to Bunbury

On their last full-length, Rochester, NY’s Joywave explored the concept of content vs. content, or, less confusingly, the content of something versus the contentment it provides. It was an interesting exercise in wordplay, and an ultimately successful one. The album was one of my favorites of 2017, with every listen since release leaving me anxious for more.

Drenched in moody synth and pulsing electronica, they seamlessly meld organic instrumentation into something hypnotic and danceable. For a band that teeters on the edge of pop, they tend to stay just on this side of the sarcastic - they’re firmly entrenched in this mix of genres, but one gets the sense that they find it just a bit ironic. It’s a balancing act few have successfully pulled off.

What their set at this year’s Bunbury Music Festival holds is anyone’s guess. While they’re not touring on a new album, their inclusion leads me to believe that they might have something forthcoming. And what that could be… honestly, who knows? Be sure to catch them on the Sawyer Point Stage today at 4:30. It’ll be an excellent way to get your weekend off to a weird, funky, and danceable start.