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Album Review: Go Go Buffalo, Live in Hell

The “Best Live Band” in Cincinnati have recorded and released the sure to be best live album of the year. Jeremy Moore and the Buffalo boys have successfully captured the energy, spectacle, and debauchery of their performances in the new Go Go Buffalo Project Live in Hell. This 2019 release is a live recording captured at Urban Artifact Brewery and contains all of the hit songs and crowd favorites from the band's career thus far.

A live album perfectly captures the chaotic and sweaty performances that propelled GGB into one of the most cherished DIY bands in Cincinnati. Also, how they won two Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in one night. GGB was crowned “Best Live Band” and “Best Hard Rock Band” during the 2018 CEA award ceremony, and this album is the way the band has immortalized the live show.

Live in Hell starts off with one of GGB’s earliest singles “Bullskin Bandit.” Front man Jeremy addresses the crowd and starts the show by saying, “This song is about how I killed Mac Miller.” (DISCLAIMER – GGB did NOT kill anyone) This introduction sets the tone of the album and makes the listener feel like they are actually at a late night, sweaty GGB show being heckled and laughing at the shocking and hilarious antics of the band. “Bullskin Bandit” is a perfect example of how GGB’s songs are frequently story based, contain meaningful lyrics and the themes are able to be explored by the fans. I do not know who the Bullskin Bandit isbut I enjoy this song very much. 

The second track “Last Night / Worth It” is probably my favorite song from the bands career. This is a two-part song that is a partial reworking of a Randy Newman song. The band has taken the song and spun it into an original hard rock creation that has taken on a whole new meaning. This song if listened to carefully, tells another epic two-part story that finished with the band letting it be known that they are serious, genuine artists. “It ain’t worth it, selling all your pride for cash, you will never get that money back.”

“This next song is about tripping on acid and doing stupid shit” is the introduction to “Livin it Up.” The third song is a hilarious and aggressive story about taking LSD, being freaked out, and dysfunctional family dynamics. GGB fans can relate to these kinds of stories. This track is one of GGB’s most hard hitting tracks, and typically inspires fans to start mosh pits during the performances. “Poison Patrol” is the first song on the album that contains more abstract concepts, does not tell a narrative story, and is another one of the band’s first popular singles. 

This album is exciting for GGB fans as it is the first official release of 3 new songs. “State of the Art” is a brand-new song that was written about GGB’s “ex bass player who is a piece of shit.” I was surprised that Jeremy decided to not have any sort of filter about this issue, and is broadcasting his honest feelings to the world, but that is just part of the charm of this band. What you see is what you get, and it is 100% genuine and totally DIY. 

The latter GGB tracks on the new album are “Daddy’s Home” and “Mommy’s Home.” These tracks are examples of the band’s expression of family values, which is a frequent reoccurring theme in the band’s music. “Daddy’s Home” is so aggressive and angry it seems that it was written to pound the audience. “Mommy’s Home,” which feels like the second part of the track seems to be the other half of the song that brings the vibes back down to earth. From the intro on this track, I learned the song is about a Mother who murders her children. It’s not the first-time dark themes have been explored in rock and roll and it won’t be the last. GGB does not censor themselves and the music is not always family friendly.

This album will please veteran fans, bring new members into the GGB club and will go down as one of the best accomplishments in the bands career. 

LIVE IN HELL tracklist:

Bullskin Bandit

Last Night/Worth It

Livin’ It Up

Poison Patrol


State of the Art

No More, Ernest Hemmingway

Daddy’s Home

Mommy’s Home