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Season Ten Releases New Single

Season Ten is making some early moves in 2019. The first of being the release of, “Alien Girl” released today!

Listen to “Alien Girl”

Alien Girl was written at the tail end of our sessions for our upcoming album "Nature." Most of our music takes weeks to flush out, but the structure was written in about an hour. We took a classic approach (verse chorus repeat) but it really came to life with guitarist Alex Sarkisov's psych-y, echoing and building layers and Brian Neinaber's bouncy bass in the background. With the theme of 'Nature' fresh in our minds, lead vocalist Jared Metz was experimenting with someone who doesn't fit the typical mold of human nature. 'Alien Girl' isn't exactly gender specific. 

The writing process was cut and dry. Jared wrote the rhythm guitar and babbled over vocal melodies until he took it to the band, where Alex Murphy-White's fast pace drum beat gave him a grasp over the rambunctious and bubbly sound. Within a short amount of time, we knew it was single-worthy. Turns out it was catchy enough to be the first-out in a string of 2019 releases 

We want out shows to be like a big ol party. All of the music we're releasing this year on 'Nature' experiments with getting people to move in different ways; our shows will reflect that. This is our chance to show Cincinnati what we're capable of, so we really hope all of our fans make the out! 

Season Ten has been around for 6 years now, but no one outside of the music scene has taken note. The album release coming later this year will change that. 

You can catch Season Ten at Northside Tavern on Friday, February 15th and again at MOTR on Friday, April 10th