First Annual Record Fair at Bogart’s

Vinyl records have had a loving resurgence in recent years. It seems like almost every recording artist is hip to this new craze be wither releasing older recordings on vinyl for the first time and/or making sure all of their new releases are on this once almost forgotten format. 

For some it’s a better-quality recording or something new to collect from their favorite artist, for others it is a way to slow life down and just immerse yourself in the music. Some just enjoy it simple for the retro fun. No matter your reason for collecting records, it is a fun and exciting hobby that only adds and extra level of enjoyment to your love of music. 

Whether you are new to the hobby, a seasoned vinyl vet or just looking for something fun to do this weekend, Bogart’s 1st Annual Record Fair is worth checking out. 

Taking place this Sunday, February 10th at Cincinnati’s historic Bogart’s and presented by Jackie O’s while being organized by Jon Lorenz (of the long running Northside Record Fair), this event will be home to 1000s of records in every genre. Over 30 tables will be available for customers to browse through to hunt down some old favorites and possibly finding a few new favorites to their collection. 

If you are a collector, don’t worry, the dealers will be bringing in the good stuff, the rare stuff, and the weird stuff. There will be plenty of other music memorabilia available as well from CDs, tapes, shirts and countless others. Who knows what you will find. 

The fair runs from 12:00 to 5:00. Tickets are just $5. Early birds can get in an hour early by purchasing an early bird ticket for $10. Pro tip: If you are a collector or you have something you are specifically trying to track down, it’s worth getting the early ticket.