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Review: Metallica

Getting to a Metallica concert in Cincinnati is a quest in itself. You have most classic to battle rush hour traffic for hours on end only to be confronted with the demon that is downtown parking. After this mid-level boss has been slain, the young Metal warrior is left with the ever-long lines for alcoholic beverages, souvenir t-shirts, and the bathroom.

The hard-fought battle quickly dissipates as the titans of thrash command the stage. Everything is forgotten as the band begins to quietly take the stage. The hustle is gone. All that is left is the classic soundtrack from the film, “The Good, The Bad and Ugly.” take the stage. Cell phone lights fill the air as the crowd awaited the main event.

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And Boom! The band kicked things off hard and heavy with "Hardwired"off their most recent release. Metallica kept the party going with an elaborate yet simple stage show. Several boxes which looked like old analog television sets would rise up and down between songs. During perhaps their most classic song, “Seek and Destroy” off their debut album, fans could see ticket stubs from Riverfront and Annie’s.

Kicking off the show, the boys did a lot of old school fan service playing such classics as, “Seek and Destroy”, "Ride the Lighting” (my personal highlight of the evening) and “Creeping Death.” As a long time Metallica fan, I can say without any doubt or hesitation that the band sounds just as great, if not better than they did all those years ago.

Each and every band member played as if they were playing to a single individual in the sea of people that is Metallica’s audiences. Cleary, this is a band that gets it; playing for everyone at each and every stop upon their tour. You would think this was opening night with the passion and ferocity that was displayed last night.

Of course, they performed plenty of their newer hits such as “Moth into Flame”with a killer light/firework show that has to be seen to believe. They could give the fellas over at WEBN a run for their money (Riverfest 2019. Hint, hint).

Metallica’s set was loud, heavy, and fun. They gave the fans what they wanted in spades, with tons of energy and mayhem, playing over 2 hours without an intermission, it’s clear that Metallica are not planning on retiring any time soon.