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Playlist: Metallica

As Metallica’s upcoming show at U.S. Bank Arena is rapidly approaching us, I thought it would be fitting to put together a playlist for the concert. This list contains several songs that may not be traditional favorites but are intended to get you pumped and ready for the big show. To make things even more challenging, I chose one song and one song only from each of their 10 studio releases. For many of the albums, the choice was difficult, like choosing your favorite child, on others it was much, much easier. Without any further delay, let’s Jump in the Fireand get started!


Playlist: Whiplash

Alright Metallica fans, here is probably the first of many arguments. Why was this chosen over “Seek and Destroy”, “The Four Horsemen” etc, etc? Like I said, this was tough! For me, no other song gives the feeling or the adrenaline rush of seeing Metallica live than this song. With its fast tempos and early thrash feel, you just gotta bang your head!


Playlist: Trapped Under Ice

With our current weather, this song is even more fitting on any playlist. This was a difficult song to select as I feel almost any song from this album could have made the final cut. “Trapped Under Ice” is perhaps the most underappreciated song on Ride the Lighting. This song is a real thrasher, almost as if it would fit better on their debut, Kill ‘Em All. With its frantic, yet simplistic and unrelenting pace this song is meant to get the blood boiling, the fists pumping and the head’s banging.


Playlist: Master of Puppets

This was the only choice for this album. To many of you this may seem like a simple choice or perhaps even a cop out, but the title track from their album may be one of the biggest songs in hard rock. This track cemented Metallica as the not only the kings of thrash metal, but maybe Heavy Metal as a whole. The song hits hard straight from the beginning and grabs you from the get go. Not just a simple thrasher, this songs displays an impressive musical range from start to finish. 


Playlist: Dyers Eve

It’s no secret that I am a huge thrash fan and that is precisely the reason that this song makes the cut. This may be the band’s heaviest song in their catalog and their last true thrash masterpiece. Metallica was at their peak here with Hetfield’s strong vocals paired with Lars’ ferocious and violent drums. Unfortunately, on the original recording, the bass is almost nonexistent. Be sure to check out the recently released remastered version of this album to hear the bass tracks included back into the mix and to hear some of the best bass lines this side of Cliff Burton.


Playlist: Sad But True

The album that pushed the band beyond the stratosphere. The group may have lost some of their hardcore fanbase with this release as the band started getting regular airplay with this release. We’ve all heard “Enter Sandman,” and “Nothing Else Matters,” so many times at this point that I am giving them a pass. For this list I am choosing a slightly less played song. “Sad But True”. The riffs are a little basic but that is also what makes this track stand out with it’s thick and thumping chorus. Hetfield’s yelling of “Hey!” and “You!” really adds to this classic arena anthem.


Playlist: King Nothing

Like many people I was eagerly anticipating Metallica’s follow up to their massively successful Black Album. And like many people, I was overwhelming disappointed. At the time. Over the years I have grown to enjoy several of the tracks off of Load. “King Nothing” is a catchy song that will leave you singing along. It may not pack the punch of some of their earlier efforts. Kirk’s lead and famous use of the wah wah pedal are gloriously highlighted on this track and is not over done.


Playlist: The Memory Remains

Ugh. Reload is just not good. It’s not surprising that the strongest track on this album is largely in part to the contribution of legendary singer Marianne Faithfull's vocals that give the song an eerie and memorable edge.


Playlist: Frantic

Lack of solos and questionable drums aside, St. Anger is a strange album. Unfortunately, not strange as in good. Fortunately, “Frantic” is a great track. Aggressive and heavy, this song is really carried by Hetfield’s furious vocal delivery


Playlist: All Nightmare Long

I’m a sucker for zombies, add in a little metal you have a recipe for awesomeness. Death Magnetic was a welcome surprise to many fans who had given up on the band after a string of dismal releases. “All Nightmare Long”is an epic banger that gives the listener a feeling that they are living in a post-apocalyptic world (with better music).


Playlist: Atlas Rise!

Yes! The Trash Titans have returned! Death Magnetic was a return to form and Hardwired kept the momentum going. This song has everything fans want in a Metallica song: headbanging riffs, classic era harmonies and angry vocals. If Metallica has turned you off on their last couple of releases, make sure you give this one a spin.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know what songs you would put on your playlist!