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Review: Automagik

Last night at the Woodward Theater, Automagik proved once again that they can put on one of the best shows in the city. The new album Goldmine, which was pressed and released by Soul Step Records has gotten lots of traction and this record release show brought out a huge, energetic crowd. One thing that had me completely amazed throughout the night was how Zachary Evans is able to control a crowd and direct them to have dance competitions, giant mosh pits, and for everyone to sit down on the dance floor like a kindergarden class listening to their teacher.

I feel like for me, this show will go down as one of the best local showcases of 2018 because of the opening act was Triiibe. These two artists together created a wonderful night of music and the hip hop, soul, disco, and rock and roll made everyone in attendance very happy. It seems as if everywhere I look I see Triiibe doing something amazing.

I feel that Automagik has been one of the best Cincinnati area bands for the past 12 years. Their discography is amazing, their list of hits and crowd favorite singles is very long, and if you have not listened to their catalog you probably should go on your preferred streaming service and start rocking out in your car. The album Goldmineis available today on vinyl, and I heard some rumors that you will be seeing more content from Automagik very soon.